Business I.T. Services Inc (BITS) are experts at search engine optimization. We have four programs available. Each one is designed to fit your individual business based on aspects of your business, such as sales goals, budget and scalablilty.

SEO Search engine optimization

Entry Level

The entry level search engine optimization program focuses on organic search results. This program is best suited for small to medium businesses that are just starting to develop thier online presence. This program typically focuses on smaller geographic areas and is designed to bring leads to your sales department through your website.

SEO Search engine optimization

Mid-Market Level

The mid-market search engine program focuses on organic search results in a larger/regional geographic area. This program is best suited for small to medium businesses that have established an online presence and now wants to drive more traffic to thier site for purposes of E-Commerce, Consumer Education, Lead Qualification, etc.

SEO Search engine optimization / Marketing


The search engine optimization hybrid program is a combination of organic search engine optimiztion (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) and pay per impression (PPY) marketing. This program is best suited for small or medium businesses that want to capture large portions of consumer traffic when they search for keywords relevant to your business.

SEM Search engine marketing

Full search engine marketing package

The full search engine marketing program is designed for businesses that want to outsource thier entire web presence. The package includes complete website development and updates to keep current with changing technology. Complete implementation and management of online marketing program including organic search, pay per click, pay per impression, programming, analysis, tracking and budgeting.